A few weeks ago I decided to travel to my home country. It had been a long time since I was there. Due to the global pandemic, I wanted to be safe and decided to book an apartment via Airbnb rather than staying with my family. I had read about…

Using the metrics explorer to have a birds-eye view of how my system functioned over the last 13 months.

December 2020 — AWS released a new way to explore metrics across various dimensions. This is the Metrics Explorer.

I'm not one to blow my own horn (since I worked on this product), but as a customer of AWS — I love the product.

A bit of background: my side…

These days increasingly more functionality is being moved from backend to frontend. React, Angular and Vue have massively grown in popularity. With them — so have Frontend state management solutions like Flux, Redux, Recoil, etc.

Using state management solutions is easy. However, architecting a good state-structure is not as trivial…

How to monitor the health of a system? Basics of building meaningful AWS CloudWatch dashboards.

Operational excellence


I work in the AWS CloudWatch UI team. This article is my personal opinion and experience. It does not reflect the views of Amazon.


Have you ever ridden a car? Have you noticed all the gauges on the panel under the driving wheel? It has information on the current speed…

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. It is very opinionated. Use your own judgment.

These days the Frontend ecosystem is evolving on a day-to-day basis. New frameworks are released, new build tools, new approaches are becoming popular and old technology is getting deprecated. Just recently everyone was using tslint, but…

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. It is very opinionated. Use your own judgment.

In the past couple of years, the frontend ecosystem has exploded with various frameworks and tools. Currently, it’s a norm to move to a different toolset every 4 years. For example, gulp/grunt -> Webpack -> packer…

RainLab Translate plugin is great for localizing various strings and dynamic input fields, but sometimes the basic functionality just isn't enough. For example, this plugin does provide translations of some more advanced, dynamic strings. One of which is the title meta tag.

 <title>Hello World || CMS Suffix</title>

The solution to…

Using backend forms in a frontend component

OctoberCMS is a nice CMS with which developers can build simple sites extremely fast. If you don’t know what it is, you are welcome to check it out by clicking here.

Even though I really enjoy using OctoberCMS, some tasks on it are just daunting. One of them is:


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